Yeah, the year is still new. I’m happy to be back after a two-week sabbatical that ended yesterday. Yours truly was taken with Malaria on the 31st of December 2016, New Year Eve! Happy to say, I’m recovering. The illness did not stop me from enjoying the celebrations – my own birthday on the 29th, my wife’s birthday on the 26th, Xmas, Boxing Day – from the side-lines and wallowing in all the love shown to me in numerous greetings from friends and colleagues. I was also home in Otukpo, my hometown, enjoying the culture, chilling out and taking things easy: very little phone, no computer. I can tell you that the break was worth it all. I’m back revived and ready to go. I promise to be more entertaining this year. Also, I’ll do more social commentary and more on entertainment, but, as always, through the marketing lens.