Late shopping is a quintessential Xmas-sy thing to do. We move when the herd moves, so that, when we arrive at the drink, we do so in frenzied numbers, tripping and trampling over ourselves in festive excitement. At ATMs, Motor Parks, and markets, we can be seen waiting on long queues. Some of this hassle-ports are manageable, like the ATMs, but the markets and motor parks move to their own peculiar rhythms: instinctual and organic, without apparent form or direction. Unfortunately, it’s either we don’t have enough ATMs or they’re not properly funded according to the demands of the season, so, even these revert to ‘uncontrollable’. People: men, women and many children in the company of parents or chaperones, throng these venues and wait in the punishing hot sun, with the dusty harmattan winds offering the occasional, brief respite. Surely, the banks could do better: Cash shortages at the ATMs? Surely, that’s an embarrassing service failure. Our people’s preference for cash is phenomenal we know, but so is their tolerance for innumerable ‘bank charges’. The banks owe us a smooth ATM experience always even at protracted peak service levels.

Photo credit: CC.