I was at the Ferrari Mall in Abu Dhabi in July 2016, with my family, and we were quite captivated by this dancing troupe of waiters, waitresses and other service staff in a restaurant within the mall. Apart from the enticing dance moves, more interesting was the apparent joy on their faces; happy workers they were. I felt that they deserved a reward of my patronage for being so unique and interesting. So, it’s possible to use guerrilla tactics within your service space in other to captivate and haul in profitable traffic. It’s cheaper, more manageable and the prospects are already in the ‘zone’: that feeling of blissful displace you get when you step into a beautiful mall (check out the waterfalls in the Dubai Mall); being in the zone they’re are ready to bite you just need to wiggle the bait a bit more in creative ways that differentiate your business from the selection of many other interesting offerings. Also, being situated in a mall of that calibre is like being on a busy main street or city square and those tactics could be even more effective in terms of attracting customers, in that closed, pleasant servicescape.   In any case you leave them with an unforgettable memory of your business, and hopefully a return patronage.

I will certainly return to this restaurant in the future.