Happy Val’s day. It’s that time again to effusively manifest love to all, though, we usually prefer to reserve that towards our better halves or whichever heart our cupid’s arrow may have pierced. In Kaduna and Abuja, and other major cities in Nigeria and around the world, today makes for frenetic, cicada-esque, love rites and rituals; here for just a few hours and gone for another year. All the hallowed temples of orgiastic festivity will be alive tonight with music, comedy and drama. Let the wine flow. And, if music be the food of love let it flow on and on so that every day would be a well-fed lovers’ day.

For the merchants, of course, this will be another sales highlight. A perfect opportunity for some Xmas leftovers to leave the shelves. Our merchants’ aversion to ads and publicity is legendary and that’s in the face of the fact that Nigerians automatically allot a higher status and class to a brand if it just happens to appear in print or electronic media, so, I won’t expect them to max out on this, once in a year, orgy of love and consumption. We the consumers will be left to stumble upon unique finds and values if we are lucky. There remains that opaque interface between sellers and buyers that marketers are, for some reason. reluctant or unable to clear. It’s a puzzle that goes against all logic. I will be saying more about that soon on this blog.

Wine we have but flowers? Emmmm..some. What’s the perfect valentine’s day gift for a Nigerian woman? Flowers? Watch your head o! The flowers may just land there. Better shower her with cash o for your own good. Lol.