Let’s welcome Trump to the White House and hope that it will remain so white, and will not have been sullied by his Trumpian antics by the time of his eventual exit. What may happen is that, that certain presidential aura will be finally wiped off Americans’ psyche and in its place, will be left that ordinariness, that pedestrian blandness, knowing that the American president is no better than anyone at all. After all, he’s just a president by accident of being very rich and by dint of winning a reality show, and a rigged one at that:  rigged by default of the electoral college system. It’s refreshing then, that anyone can now joust and exchange insults with the American president on twitter. Anyone can now rile and goad him into anger and cause him to overtake himself in expletives and maybe succeed in extracting a few hilarious faux pas occasionally, to our amusement, if not to our dismay. In the meantime, we shall take our seats at this theatre ad absurdum and either wait to be entertained by intrigues á la ‘the Manchurian Candidate’, clownish theatricality, slapstick tragicomedy and misogynistic mis-drama, or be pleasantly surprised by sublime, all-inclusive, tasteful drama to our raucous applause.

What we really want is for Trump to prove us doubters wrong, for the good of America and the world. For good or for bad, many people and nations look up to America as a defender of the weak, as a business and political role model, as an equalising might on the geopolitical stage. Trump’s apparent transactional outlook will leave the weak weaker and the strong stronger, and as more vehement antagonists. Being the American President is not being the lead character in another reality show for entertainment and advertisement, not another art-of-the-deal, not another zero-sum contest. The world is a better and more peaceful place if all sides win in turn.