Authorship is fundamentally an expression of personality. When you write books or articles or blogs you are also creating a ‘personality’ profile and thus an image in the mind of your readers as to who you are and what you’re about, i.e. your brand’s formative characteristics. I believe that, as an author, you establish a brand by default. Deliberately crafting brand meanings for your target market to elicit positive responses is just taking what already exists a few steps further. You can achieve positive or negative impressions just as any physical product manufacturer’s brand can and with similar results: you can either stimulate your market to respond to you positively or to flee. Your personal brand will make a more tangible connection for your readers with an otherwise intangible product. The quality of the interaction between the writer and the reader can create favorable perceptions that could result in positive and growing stats.

A write should deliberately craft a personal brand; it’d be a waste of valuable opportunity not to.