Drink tea and lose all those years of hard won belly fat; take a pill for bigger and longer man-tool; and if you do whatever the picture above says you may transform from a flabby white man to chiselled black Atlas. I’ve always looked with suspicion at so many transformation images and I’m not the only one who thinks there’s something fishy about many of them, and some are outright fakes – penile elongation – from zero to hero; bald to full hair – angulu (vulture) to Rapunzel; flat ass to Kardashianesque butts in days etc. We must believe in magic because I think that these images actually sell their products. They actually motivate enough people to buy them, otherwise, the salesmen won’t waste so much time and money on faking transformations. Often, when we use these ‘snake oil’ solutions and when they fail us, we are too embarrassed to let others know about it, so, the pool of potential customers remains intact. As the 419er would say, mugu no de finish.