13 days ago, I posted about the numerous unsolicited message and calls that we tend to receive from GSM networks and how irksome they can be. I decided as a follow up to document them to, at least, give them a fairer hearing based on some facts. The results are in: I have received 111 messages from the 16th to noon on 29th November 2016. Of these, 92 were from MTN and 19 from Airtel, on my Samsung, Dual Sim, Note 5. Altogether that’s an average of 8 messages a day. Is that really too much? I would say yes, if they were truly unsolicited, as all of mine were, but I don’t think that this volume of message traffic would be enough reason to legislate them out of existence. As savvy marketers, however, the Networks should know that perception often weighs more than facts when consumers make purchase decisions, or when they form opinions about a brand. They’d serve themselves better to listen to Nigerians and reduce the sms traffic. Or, give something back in terms of bonus airtime and data to salve for frayed sensibilities.

Next, I will catalogue unsolicited calls and report back to you. Don’t forget to comment.