Lipstick as delicious cream. Shower Gels as cool, sunny, beach fun. Washing machine detergent as breezy, bright, easy, flowery morning. Pepsi as young, bright fun. advertisers deliberately associate and present pleasant images alongside products which would be rather uninteresting if left on their own. This elicits favorable feelings from us. So, we then, for example, forget the tedium of washing dirty clothes or of mopping the floor, at the point where we make the decision to purchase the product or not. This is not limited to just physical products but also services, especially. in creating the ambience of a service outlet, where the colors, the smells, the lighting and the sounds are crafted to draw you in, to calm you down or to excite you into making a purchase. People too, from my own perspective: Johnny Depp as handsome, funny buddy; Kim K. as desirable Cleopatra or Nefertiti, and so on. We also wrap our own personalities in imagery to make us attractive, at least in our eyes, to people in our social circles. So, we can appear to be cool and dapper, or casual and fun, or nerdy. A service or product is, actually, what we make of it and what it means to us individually. What the marketer hopes to achieve is to craft a suitable image that enhances the appeal of his products or service in the eyes (actually, in all senses if possible) of his targets.

So, what images do these people conjure in your mind: Trump (of course!), Kanye West, Beyoncé, Linda Ikeji, Tu Face, CR7, Messi, Flavour? Whatever you think of their achievements is actually interactively influenced by the image you have formed of them. I for one wouldn’t mind taking a scissors to Trump’s mop.