The value of celebrity endorsements in Branding is very well established. Some say it’s what catapulted Nike from a relatively obscure brand to what is has become today – a sports equipment, athletic footwear and apparels giant. We may not be consciously aware of the celebrities’ influence, but many of us do what we do, wear what we wear or drive cars that we drive because we make connections with the endorsed brand through the personality, the image, and character of a celebrity that we admire.  Celebrities influence us by lending their images and voices to adverts, and by visibly using the goods and services of the endorsed brand. The influence on us is authenticated by our brand adoption and actual purchases. The value of such influence and ROI is therefore not just qualitative but also quantitative, and measurable in terms of money.

The popularity of African Musicians has grown in leaps and bounds and they can now be heard all over the world, and they also feature prominently in most international recognition awards these days. While visiting London in May this year, I was pleasantly surprised that a London Cab driver could discuss Nigerian musicians and their music with me fluently.

In the link below, Melissa Twigg argues eloquently that it’s now time for the local and international fashion houses to tap into the visibility and popularity of African artistes to leverage their brands.

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Source: Why Africa’s Musicians Are a Marketing Goldmine | Global Currents | BoF