Here in Nigeria, the major GSM Networks: GLO, MTN, Etisalat and Airtel seem to churn out a slew of price-based offers almost every day: Data bonuses, call time bonuses, airtime loans etc., enough to confuse not only their customers but also their own salespeople. Most customers either do not know at all or they misplace the brands’ pricing characteristics and attributes and form their distinct brand images, with respect to price, that really have nothing to do with actual pricing practices: While I was  conducting research form my MBA Dissertation I found that GLO was perceived as cheap, literally; MTN as stingy and expensive but too widespread to ignore; Etisalat as cheap and millennial friendly, with its complimentary data packs that allow rudimentary internet access for social networking; while Airtel was perceived as a useful outsider or second choice, but, for example Etisalat appeared, from the facts in hand at that time, to have been actually more expensive than all the rest, while, across the price packages, MTN, GLO and Airtel were too close to call.

It got me to thinking whether the networks are being deliberate in ‘price-confusion’ or it’s just an unintended artefact of fervent price competition. Is Confusion a valid marketing tactic?

Let’s hear from you.