What did Trump propose. What do his customer’s think that he proposed? What will he deliver? Will the customers have satisfaction or dissonance? One comment on my previous blog described Trumps victory as repudiation of Obama’s eight years and as a rejection of Clinton. So, it could be that those who voted for him and cut of their noses to spite their faces, as it were, i.e., they didn’t believe in Trump and his proposals but they voted him anyhow, and any consequences would be better than Clinton. Or it could be that they did not take trump literally, thinking that his many contrary utterances and divisive proposals were just pre-election bad jokes designed to rile the opposition, just like boxers is pre-bout match-up, and still believe him to do better than Clinton as a President. Or, they believed in his utterances and that he would execute on them.

What would Trump be thinking? That his proposals have been endorsed, intoto, by Americans and that he would need to execute, or that he knew that they knew that he wasn’t being literal and that he’d be free to be pragmatic? Tie up your followers in rhetorical knots and leave yourself to interpret your value proposition and act as you will without repercussions? Not very likely. It appears to me that many more people are going to be disappointed and, maybe, a few relieved.