My, my, my! To lose to a regular good guy is demoralizing to lose to a regular charlatan like Trump must surely be …I can’t find the words to describe it. In my post, yesterday, I wondered how Clinton would be struggling against an opposition with so many negatives. My fears on Americans apathy or hatred towards Clinton seem to have been vindicated in the worst possible way – victory for Trump. It’s now question time: How fed up are Americans towards mainstream politics and politicians? What is the contribution of Obama’s presidential style to the Democrats demise in the elections? Did the need for a change, the need to try something else – Democratic to Republican – coincide, positively, with the emergence of Trump? Are Americans so utterly fed up with liberalism, highlighted by metrosexuality? How much did the FBI and Putin contribute to Trump’s victory?

There’s this Idoman (a Tribe in Nigeria) parable of the Mr. Tortoise who was caught by his son in a compromising sexual situation with his, the son’s, wife. The son would flay  and torture him and then have him bound and thrown in a rubbish heap, upended in the sun, for the whole village to see on their way to and from the daily chores. Some of the villagers would spit on him and vilify him. Mr. Tortoise was left so, bound and naked, in the sun from sun-up to sundown but, by evening, the same villagers who had spat and vilified him in the morning were now sympathizing with him and pleading with his son to untie him, for the punishment was, by now, perceived as too extreme. Lesson: beware you over vilify you opponent, he might just win the sympathy of the people, very much to your chagrin. Was Trump over-vilified by the liberal press enough to keep the sympathy of his core supporters and even to win some from Hillary’s camp? Are American’s in for another 4-8 years of extreme political partisanship?

A bad product has been very well sold and bought en masse, while the good one is left simmering on the shelves. If Trump were to stick to his electioneering promises, then the USA and the world should brace for more turbulent times.

Ehh, Mr. President Trump, I only have this to ask: would please concede, dear Sir, a conciliatory gesture. now that the victory is yours, and please shave off that ugly mop of a hairstyle? Thankeee veri mucheee.