My problem is not that Trump is ‘bad and ugly’ but that even from that default position he should still be competing and sharing Polls so closely against Hilary. It should have been a straight forward contest between the ‘Good’ and the ‘Bad and the Ugly’, a battle that the ‘Good’ should easily win. Many Americans must harbor a very deep dislike for, or at least, such a serious antipathy towards Hilary, that they are unwilling to disregard, even against the option of a discredited, racist, misogynistic, morally bankrupt, and clownish opposition – Trump.

However, even though we may dislike Trump, he seems to have convinced his sizeable target market, his chosen psychographic segment, and to have sold himself well enough to them in promising a political value package that they find attractive, attractive enough that they would disregard his many odorous attributes. Bad political products, like other products too, can move off the shelves with hard-selling, especially by playing on fears and mistrust.

Whoever wins the election, I think Americans will have many questions to ask and to introspect: How did the political Parties come up with these candidates? What are the options for when parties throw-up unwanted candidates? What roles, witting or unwitting, did the electorate play in their ascension and who, really, belongs in that electorate? People with grievances, even if unjustifiable, tend to be highly motivated to vote while the mainstreamers slumber. If anti-Trumpists fail in their duty today, they, and the whole world, may be left to rue that omission for another, very long 4, if not, 8 years.


Good luck America. Good luck world.