Mourning Mourinho or Mourningho. I am not a Chelsea fan but I Just love good football, especially if played by Arsenal or Barcelona, but I’ll be a Chelsea fan just for 90 minutes if Mourinho will on the receiving end of a thrashing. I offered my opinions in my previous blog: ‘I still don’t believe that Magician Mourinho’s has any more tricks in his weathered bag. I’m also not one for just assembling ready-made players to fight for the League title; that’s too mercenary for my tastes. Has Mourinho lost his lustre? When good marketing becomes stale it’s time for a change of tactics. I feel that he’s an over-exposed and oversold product that no longer satisfies his adoring customers and, worse still, his players’. Remember? I’m still waiting to be proved wrong. Is he a good coach? He now has ample opportunity to prove to us that he is good coach and that wasn’t just a ‘made’ one, made by too much money and too good players in teams like Chelsea, Real Madrid and Inter Milan. There are many Managers and Coaches in the EPL that are showing us what it is to be a good coach by doing a lot with little.

I still ask whether Mourinho was ever a good fit for the Man U culture at all. I still don’t think so.

At the moment, he’s just a big brand with a poor product, but he still has us talking about him albeit in unflattering; What was he about accusing Conte of being unsporting for over-celebrating at 4-0? That coming from him was ludicrous. He who was, once upon a time, wont to drive the nail of embarrassment deeper into his opponent’s flesh; apparently, he can’t take his own medicine.

My unlucky Man United fans, I say sorry to you again.

You may be right and I’m wrong so let me know what you think. Comment.