The race gets hotter in the quest for market leadership in the network of all things. When Google heaves the whole technology market trembles. Google is flush with cash and it’s a highly tuned and persistent innovator, so its challenge must be taken seriously. Also, they have a knack for keeping things simple and powerful.

Its initial foray with the Nexus Phones did not gain it any significant market share. That particular product looked and felt very unexciting, perhaps, it was just a test of the market. It’s new Pixel Phones seem to promise more and is seemed to aimed squarely Apple’s iPhone market. Its attack is two-pronged, Phones on one pointed end and Google Assistant on the other, this one aimed at Amazon’s Alexa.

When these giants fight the grass should prosper: Lower prices, better products, better and a more productive connectivity. We Hope.

Source: Google Wants You To Switch From iPhone; Announces Home, Pixel Pre-Orders Start Today – Consumerist