Soon we’ll be playing our social media, and most digital domain, roles through a newer, and supposedly, a much faster – 100s of times faster, more efficient, already ubiquitous, and more private pipeline – lights. This new technology, which is said to have been invented by Prof. Herald Haas of the University of Edinburgh in 2011, is set to take a huge bite out of WiFi’s domain. It is creeping in fast and Apple is reputed to have already built that functionality into the codes of their recent iOS for the iPhone. Many other tech giants and upstarts are also cashing in on it. Of course there are downsides to the technology: Interference or noise from other light sources like the Sun; Li-Fi cannot penetrate walls, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage, depending on the user and usage – Spooks will like it because one can’t listen in on them from outside their walls, but coverage will be too limited for those that’d rather prefer an open broadcast. Also NEPA(!) might interfere and you’d have to have standby power to supplement. Then, of course, there be the costs of new infrastructure. This technology is not expected to shoo aside Wi-Fi but will rather sit alongside.

Let’s prepare to wink, wink, wiiink our Likes and Hugs. Stay lighted.