This was the center of attention at a wedding in Kaduna Nigeria and I wasn’t the only one who was captivated by the oddity of a Nigerian groom attending his own wedding in a ‘Keke’ limousine. Incidentally, he and his sister wedded on the same day, to their separate spouses, in the same church, but he got the attention and not the sister and her groom, who arrived in a shiny SUV. It was also memorable and quite dramatic to me that a Nigerian groom will shun the trend and condescend to ride in such a lowly vehicle; drama in humility or stark reality being dramatic? Mind you, we’re given to flamboyant weddings here in Nigeria and cherish those few moments of pretend affluence: Very colorful couture (aso ebi) worn in the same colors by friends and family; the rented or borrowed ‘limousine’; flamboyant invitation cards; rich food and drinks; the high-table, seats and props bedecked in flowery décor, and don’t forget the loud and frenetic beats of the musique du jour (pardon my French. Lol.) served by a famous DJ. We do enjoy our weddings here but, alas, it’s all soon forgotten. But, It’s all about marketing: Being different and unique while still staying in the mix pays because then you can still be categorized while still holding your own space. Those who have seen and gotten your message will likely remember  you for longer than they do the fashionably mundane.

Mind you, the Bride did not find the groom’s boldness funny and refused to ride in that peculiar groomsmobile. Lol.

Make sense. Be different but stay in the mix.