Mama Patience does not shy away from drama when in the pursuit of her political goals or to make a personal point and the drama goes into overdrive when she’s piqued. She entertained Nigerians throughout her tenure as 1st lady with many quotable, quotes misquotes and gaffes. Now, there appears to be ongoing sequels to the entertaining saga; lucky Nigerians! US$5million (over NGN2billion or 154years of the official annual salary and allowances of the Nigerian President) in her late mother’s account?! Surely the drama has not ended and the script is running about in all directions. The Economic and Financial Crime Commission had frozen US$19.5million (about NGN8.4billion or 599 years of the official annual salary and allowances of the Nigerian President!) in her personal accounts. This this has set off drama upon drama, from the ridiculous to the sublimely ridiculous: usurpers of the Civil Liberties Organisations protesting the freezing of her accounts; Charly Boy weighing in on the ‘Leave Patience Alone’ campaign; and a plethora of colorful exchanges in comments on popular blogs.

Why is she, and her supporters, so eager to pre-empt justice at the courts? Are the courts prejudiced? The same courts that ordinary Nigerians face day-to-day for stealing the odd goat or pot-of-soup? Are the wealthy and powerful above the authority of the courts? Why is it so difficult for her team to present evidence of she and/or her mother’s legitimate earnings? Is this a witch hunt? A political vendetta? So many questions to ask and to answer. Stay tuned and enjoy.