Exploding batteries in Samsung Note 7? We are in trouble here in Nigeria: many will either not hear or will ignore the news of a recall (if at all applicable in Nigeria), many will refuse to return their phones, there will be some confusion about what it’s all about, where to return to and when for a recall. Many of us, anyway, buy products without warranties, often when we travel overseas, or don’t care because of a poor and unsatisfactory experience with them: would you return a phone or PC by international courier for a warranty repair, at a cost that may be equal to buying a new one? Many Nigerians will now be stuck with that potentially dangerous risk of an exploding phone and, God, I pray it doesn’t happen in a flight. Meanwhile, I’ve yet to hear of any public notice of a recall of the Note 7 in Nigeria. A visit to Samsung’s internet site doesn’t offer any information either.

What should you do in the absence of any information on the recall? I’d advice, without liability, that you keep the phone charged to no more than 60% of its battery’s capacity; DO NOT PLUG AND FORGET. This, as I have read, is Samsung’s emergency solution, but by a system update that will be automatically limit charging to 60%.

What a pity! I’m a Samsung admirer, especially of their marketing. I have been enjoying the contest between them and Apple. It’s admirable how, in a few years, the class-gap between them has closed up. Samsung’s marketing is right up there and had left the likes of Sony and LG in the deep shadows but now, that glossy reputation has been tarred and feathered by exploding batteries. To think that what you may hold against your ear could explode…shiver me timbers! Were they too hasty in launching the new Note 7 (they jumped Note 6)? That’s one of my pet peeves with that brand anyway; just as soon as you begin to flaunt the current model another one’s out to overshadow and outshine your hard earned acquisition, and diminish your swagger, but I’ll forgive them anything just for being in Apple’s face. I love Apple  too. They’re products are beautiful but I’m wary of a locked-in ecology of products and services, and prefer the freer, if a little bit more prone to trouble, array of Androids and Microsoft based products and services. I still need some convincing.

So its 1 – 0 for Apple (and her fans) vs Samsung (and fans), but Samsung’s marketing is impeccable and I’m pretty sure of a quick rebound, so don’t laugh too hard Apple et Cie.