Beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder? Online gurus and populist marketers cum researchers have taken that judgement off our hands (our eyes). So relax, they’ll tell you about best in the World: the most beautiful (or sexiest) women, the most desirable men, the most fashionable eye-lashes, the best clothes and colors, the best cars, the best holiday spots etc., etc. So. what’s this about the worlds ugliest color? According to Jennifer Ott in Houzz, an Australian Cigarette manufacturer  commissioned market researchers to find out the world’s ugliest colors to be used in cigarette packaging, to discourage smokers (!) and they turned up with this – Pantone 448C, a kind of green-tinged brown! I thank her for disagreeing and showing us beautiful examples of its use. Now, would packaging color discourage smokers from smoking? Not at all; you’d best turn them away from that particular brand at the worst. Some of the smokers I know will go for cigarettes wrapped in s**t.

So a survey was conducted and apparently Australians think that this is the World’s worst color? That would be some extreme cultural extrapolation from down-under (and from anywhere for that matter) to the whole world. Where does that leave local tastes and preferences, and not to talk of individual differences? Ok, let us say that the market research was done online and possibly reached a sample population that was fairly representative of all the possible consumers of paint colors all over the world (phew!), and, perhaps, they also used the exact same computer monitors too, so the color samples they viewed appeared to be the same, and maybe their eyes were also equally perceptive of color hues too! I agree with Ott, it’s about the mix of colors in a given space, the complements, the contrasts and the overall appearance, and the beholder’s personal perspectives and attitudes. And so it is with the World’s sexiest woman (my wife of course!), the most desirable man in the world (to be modest, that would be me too!). LOL (I know it’s over-used but would you rather that I used ‘hahahahahahahahahahaha’? Lol.). Beauty rests squarely in the eyes of the beholder.