‘Pigdin’ is to the English language as Jazz is to music. The strength of your improvisation is always proof of your command of the genre. So it was that the improvised ‘Naija’ and, the more cryptic ‘9ja’ crept into our pidgin-speak and has become the most, immediately, recognisable label of Nigerian-ness, and so, many websites, blogs et al have adopted that label in order to give an authentic Nigerian feel to their blogs. Google even has a search label ‘Naija bloggers’. I must confess that I have grown weary of that over-pandered and over-flogged label and so I chose ‘Adsensis’ for this blog rather ‘AdsensisNaija’ or ‘9jaSensis’ or such, hoping to prove that Adsensis can be as Nigerian as any other variant of that name with a ‘Naija’ or 9ja appendage; also hoping to represent international expertise with Naija savvy (‘sabi’ in pidgin) and vice-versa.