Well he was briefly in Nigeria, arriving on August 30, 2016 and it’s all about marketing: Good PR event (very rich but humble), good Humanitarian event (free entrepreneurship lectures) and what a way to link up and to ‘tangibilize’ the Facebook experience by physically meeting and greeting with, I make bold to say, your biggest market in Africa. It’s all about marketing once again. Mark is a known and popular personality, and by lending his presence, he made that vital connection and closed some of that psychological gap between his major product and its consumers, which is especially important for consumers of online services where the producer is always a few bytes away. This connection is vital and I’ll tell you a little story that highlights its importance, although from a ‘bricks and mortar’ scenario: One of the first major computer retailers in Kaduna, a city in Northern Nigeria, was led by a charismatic CEO who was well known and liked by his customers, in fact, he was the Company. Customers loved his personal presence and, usually, generous intervention in the course of a sale; he’d also invite you to visit his eight, ferocious Doberman dogs. He’d soon relocate from his personal premises (No more Dogs!) and soon after he reorganized his company (He was an online MBA student at the time; surprise?!) and remove himself from the ‘front stage’, needless to say, without that charismatic presence the company soon lost that ‘special’, intangible but valuable ‘something’ and many of his early customers left, and with them a sizeable portion of his clientele. Lesson: Personality with product beats product alone any day as per: Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Charles Bronson et al. Let your personality lead the product, especially, if your main product is a service, well, that is if you are not a Trump, Hitler, Pol Pot, Zuma or Robert Mugabe or of some other morbid typology.